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Paddle Board Accessories from Aquaplanet

Aquaplanet stocks a wide range of great paddle board accessories that will help to ensure you have everything you need to have a good time on the waters. Our accessories are useful for our beginner paddle boards, touring paddle boards and many more applications.

Our paddle board accessories will help keep you dry and your valuables safe when you are having fun with your SUP. The range includes our Aquaplanet Deluxe Leash, our famous Aquaplanet Rucksack and our Pup SUP pet buoyancy aid. 


Paddle Board Accessories

Aquaplanet Waterproof Phone Case


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Our paddle board accessories include kayak paddles, dual-action pumps and adult buoyancy aids. We are passionate about great quality paddle boards products and the sport in general which is why we are committed to supplying as wide a range of paddle board accessories as possible to ensure you have everything you need on the waters.
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