Kids Paddle Boards from Aquaplanet

Our junior inflatable paddle boards come with a robust build quality that will help you get your children into paddle boarding without breaking the bank. Scroll down to find out more about the kids paddle boards we offer and how these SUPs will help to provide fun for the whole family during the next vacation or trip to the beach.

Browse our junior paddle board range

Our junior inflatable paddle boards are very popular across our range and customer base. The junior range includes the Aquaplanet BOLT Junior SUP, the premium Aquaplanet WINGTAIL SUP and the Hurley Phantomsurf Ombre.



What Makes Our Paddleboards Good for Kids?

The junior paddle boards stocked by Aquaplanet are perfectly sized for kids wanting to get into the sport before moving onto larger boards as they grow up. These SUPs are slightly shorter and narrower than the full sized adult paddle boards, making it easier for children to paddle and manoeuvre on the water.